LAL is pleased to submit this proposal to provide legal services to your esteemed company to bring you proven ability to proactively solve legal issues to reaching the litigation stage.

5.1      SCOPE OF WORK

Without limitation, below is the nature of services we render to our clients;

(a) Corporate Secretarial services

  • Conducting Due diligence (of company status or landed property, mortgage, (tax) liability etc.) at BRELLA, TRA, Land offices and other Registries where necessary (health check that is one off)
  • File Returns of company,
  • Maintaining Statutory Registry books, records, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Maintaining minutes, resolutions and share certificates,
  • License renewing at the Local government,
  • Mediation & reconciliation to prevent unnecessary litigations, and
  • Keeping updated with the ongoing legal reforms.

(b) Legal Consultation and Litigation

  • Servicing as external lawyers to responding onto all legal issues referred to us from time to time,
  • Providing legal advices to Management/Board of Directors,
  • Providing legal opinion onto the relationship between our clients and its stakeholders,
  • Responding timely to all requests, assignment and instructions from our clients and appearing in courts of law or tribunals on their behalf.


We propose an hourly fee arrangement to our clients a discounted flat hourly rate fee of USD……. per hour, excluding actual costs, stationeries, researches, travelling and accommodation and other incidental expenses. Such costs will be debited to your account and included in your invoices. Our invoices will also be net of 18% VAT. All payments will be due within 15 days after issuing of an invoice.

5.3      PROPOSED RETAINERSHIP FEES (All year around)

 Our fees are negotiable depending on scope of work, but we charge on case bases and retainership. On retainership our charges fluctuates from USD………. to USD………. Disbursements are expenses incurred on behalf of the client and include; photocopies, printing, stationeries, transport and communication, will be charged on actual basis. Statutory fees are subject to the assessment to the relevant authority and will be charged on actual basis.

However it’s mostly conveniently to opt for retainer-ship that will be charged monthly after executing/signing a professional letter of engagement.


To secure our clients’ interests, LAL procures professional indemnity coverage, not because of lack of confidence but rather to build more confidence. However, ever since LAL started created PI, it remains unutilized and this proves LAL’s level of competence, professionalism and responsibility.


LAL is advanced in Information Technology and is well connected possessing several branches or associates in Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Iringa, Mwanza and Mtwara. LAL is also connected with other law firms outside Tanzania.

We guarantee quality services that will meet and exceed your expectations.